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How To Deal With Separation

The Big Break Up If you coming out of a long term relationship, you need to be prepared for the road ahead. I am writing this as a man with experience. I have been there. No amount of advice can properly prepare you for the changes about to take place in your life, but simply… Read More

How To Win At Dating

“Nothing happens until somebody does something.” Having success in love is just the same as finding success in any other area of your life. When you are seeking a new job or promotion on work, it’s amazing how focused and goal-orientated you can become when you really have to. The same should apply to your… Read More

How To Deal With Rejection

Almost all of us have gone through a knock-back or rejection at some point in our dating career. Rejection hurts. Some men can easily put it to the back of their heads and move on to the next one. But for many of us, rejection can have a serious impact on our lives. It affects… Read More