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Do Penis Pumps Work?

Yes… and no. Most men are obsessed with the size of their penis and some will try anything to make it a little bit bigger. With hundreds of pills, potions, and devices available promising to increase the length and girth of your middle leg, we thought we would look at one of the most popular… Read More

Am I Masturbating Too Much?

Masturbation is often referred to as the safest form of practicing safe sex. It’s great for stress relief and can be carried out practically anywhere (use your common sense here folks). Just about EVERYONE on the planet has masturbated at some time in their life. Masturbation becomes a problem when it becomes ‘excessive masturbation’. By… Read More

Does Penis Size Matter?

Penis Size  – Is It Really That Important To Your Partner? If you are asking yourself this question, do not worry. You are NOT alone. Men have been fussing over the size of their penis since time began. While it’s true that there are some men out there with massive penises, there are lot more… Read More