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Do Penis Pumps Work?

Do Penis Pumps Work?

Yes… and no. Most men are obsessed with the size of their penis and some will try anything to make it a little bit bigger.

With hundreds of pills, potions, and devices available promising to increase the length and girth of your middle leg, we thought we would look at one of the most popular and longest available methods – the penis pump.

What is a penis pump?

A penis pump is a long cylindrical device that is placed over the entire length of your penis. A tight fit against the base of your penis is required to allow it to work. By squeezing the attached pump (or motor), the air is sucked out of the cylinder creating a vacuum. The aim is for your penis to fill with blood and expand. This can temporarily cause your penis to look bigger and feel thicker.

Who would use a penis pump?

Men who want to expand or lengthen their penis. Porn stars are often noted as being big users of pumps just prior to a scene, as it makes their penis appear larger and thicker. But the gains are very short-lived and can lead to problems. Also, many porn actors give their names to branded pumps – but that does not necessarily mean they use them.

Can it cause damage to your penis?

Yes, it can. And that’s the issue. Over-use of a penis pump can cause tears to the many small capillaries that carry fresh blood to your penis. This may lead to erection problems and softer hard-ons. Over time, over-use may actually cause your penis to change shape or bend. These conditions can usually be avoided by following the manufacturer’s instructions – but we still think the benefits are far outnumbered by the potential problems.

But do they actually work?

Yes, they do… but only for a short time. If you increase the blood supply to any part of your body, it will expand. But after a while, the blood will flow back into the mainstream and the temporary ‘swelling’ will subside. By all means, use a penis pump if you want to impress your other half before you switch off the lights, but don’t expect any significant long term gains.

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There is a case for men who have bad circulation or erection problems. A penis pump may engorge the penis with enough blood to make it hard enough to perform sex. You should speak to your Doctor or GP first before trying one if this is you.

As we wrote in our article – Does Penis Size Matter? Is Mine Big Enough? – the majority of men need to get over their obsession with penis size and enjoy what they have got. There is an entire industry built around the issue of increase size – and it is a huge industry! That should be enough to tell you that it is a manmade problem.

There are men who swear by their pumps and say they work for them. We just want to give you our thoughts so you don’t rush out and buy a device that might just end up in the bottom of your drawer. If you do try one, use it with care and follow all the instructions. Do not be tempted to overdo it and remember to clean it thoroughly after every use.

We would love to hear your views on penis pumps in the comments section below – use a fake name if you want 😉

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