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How To Deal With Rejection

How To Deal With Rejection

Almost all of us have gone through a knock-back or rejection at some point in our dating career.

Rejection hurts. Some men can easily put it to the back of their heads and move on to the next one. But for many of us, rejection can have a serious impact on our lives.

It affects everything we do, say, feel and think. We can feel lost and lonely, unable to get back into normal life. Some men lock themselves up emotionally – which will only make things worse in the long run.

Dealing With Rejection

Control Yourself Big Boy!

There is nothing worse than setting yourself up to fail, and men are fantastic at it. We see a girl and switch on the charm. If we think there is a chance, we go full in – and more often than not, get told to back off. Too much, too fast, too soon? Or just our little head doing the thinking for our big head?

Put yourself in her shoes – this fairly good looking guy has been watching her from across the dance floor. He is standing with his mates knocking back the pints. She catches his eye a few times and he starts to up his game. A little smile, a brush past on the way to the bar… So after a few more drinks for courage, he finally makes his way over to the girl and commences with the small chat. Nothing new here (hopefully he won’t mention the weather…). The girl decides that he maybe isn’t the Prince Charming she was looking for and starts to change the conversation – the guy doesn’t pick up the signals – and keeps pouring on the sugar. Eventually, the girl’s mate appears and ‘saves’ her from the advances of the would-be lover. Now what?

That moment of rejection can really sting. Some guys are jerks about it and call the girl names (really immature and stupid, and guaranteed to ruin any future chances you may have had!). Some are mature about and walk away with just a small dent in their ego.

The best advice is to keep the head. It’s nothing personal. Realize it takes chemistry on both sides for a relationship to develop – and this time it wasn’t there.

You are not God’s gift to women!

Confidence is one thing – but a huge ego is an entirely different animal.

When I was in my teens, my ego was bigger than the Earth. I honestly thought I was one of the finest specimens of men on the planet. My attitude to women reflected that and I left many a nightclub with a sore face. Of course, my over-inflated ego laughed it off – but it started to eat me up over time. Eventually, I took one rejection too much and flipped. It was a much-needed wake up call – one that taught me the value of humility and the need to be respectful of people around me.

So if you have a huge ego, get over yourself and let the REAL YOU show through. Women are much more attracted to the real you than a cocky twat. If you are still unsure, watch the hit movie Grease to see how John Travolta’s character Danny struggles with his ego and his heart.

Max T

Max T

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