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Does Penis Size Matter?

Does Penis Size Matter?

Penis Size  – Is It Really That Important To Your Partner?

If you are asking yourself this question, do not worry. You are NOT alone. Men have been fussing over the size of their penis since time began. While it’s true that there are some men out there with massive penises, there are lot more of us with ‘average’ sized ones.

Why is penis size an issue?

You probably didn’t give a damn about the size of your penis until you became about 13 years old. At that  age the body is beginning some huge hormonal changes. Many of those changes result in deeper voices… and hair in unusual places. Other changes take place in your genital area. Your testicles start to drop down and your penis may become more ‘interesting’.

Your friends start cracking jokes about penis size resulting in you questioning your own dimensions. Add to this the growing input of pornography and you have the beginnings of a lifetime of doubt and penis size research!

Why are we so obsessed with the size of our penis?

The penis… is just a penis. It has a limited number of essential functions to perform in life: urination and procreation. Human Beings appear to be the only creatures on Earth that have regular sex as a means of pleasure. That strange looking appendage that dangles between our legs can bring us great delight.. but also create misery and depression.

What is the average size of a penis?

The average penis is between 5.1 and 5.6 inches. Surprised?

Surprisingly, the average penis size is between 5.1 and 5.6 inches. This may come as a pleasant surprise to many of you. There are of course lots of people with much smaller ones and quite a few with considerably larger ones. But whatever your size, it’s important to know that you are not alone.

Can worrying about the size of your penis cause premature ejaculation?

Yes… One of the main causes of premature ejaculation is stress! This stress can lead to other problems including low self-confidence and nervousness between the sheets.

Premature ejaculation (PE) is of much more concern than penis size. What would be the point of having a huge magnificent penis if it only worked for thirty seconds? Size isn’t everything!

Thankfully, there are things you can do to help improve the situation. It can also be an indicator of underlying health issues. We will cover PE in another post.

How do porn stars get their penises so big?

Let’s get this out of the way. Unless you are particularly well endowed, the porn stars you see are very much in the minority. Many joined the porn industry because they had a larger penis in the first place. It’s also important to note that many of these men do not last as long as having sex as it appears. Porn shoots are filmed over a series of sessions.

Many porn stars use penis pumps to temporarily enlarge the size of their manhood. While this can look great on screen, it can lead to damaged penis tissues if used for too long and too often.

When interviewed at the end of their careers, many porn stars said that they had been unhappy with their choice of profession. Sex had become a day job – not a pleasurable experience.

Is pornography changing how we think and act about sex?

Yes, it is. We see these big cocked men having sex for hours then feel inadequate about our own penises and abilities. All is not what you see. Trust in yourself and reduce or eliminate the amount of porn you watch. Anything that alters your mind in a negative way is something to be avoided.

Bottom line: do not compare yourself to male porn actors.

What do sexual partners really want?

There are some who look for a man with a large penis. In reality, a large penis can be very painful to have sex with leading to an unhappy sexual experience.

Everyone wants to be satisfied (or satisfy) in bed, and the average penis is more than up to the job. More important than penis size is your ability to use it. Get the size issue out of your head and concentrate on the experience.

What is foreplay?

If you do have a small penis (below average), there is so much more you can do between the sheets to give pleasure to your partner. Oral, touch, massage, tongues, toys, lingerie, role play…. the list is endless. These are all types of foreplay.

Speak to each other about what you want from each other. This also applies to those with average-sized or large penises. Respect and understanding are essential to a lasting sexual relationship.

Try to work towards an understanding of both your sexual needs.

Getting hard and staying hard can be a real issue for a lot of men – and that includes the big boys.

What can I do about the size of my penis?

There is a whole industry built around man’s need to grow his penis to porn star proportions. And where there is a need, there is always money to be made. If your partner still insists that he/she wants to have sex with a larger penis you might have to look at options including; a third person, larger sex toy… or realize that he/she is not for you if penis size is THAT important to them.

You could speak to your doctor about surgery to lengthen the size of your penis too – but this can carry enormous risks. Unless you are extremely small, just get on with it. The average penis works great.

There are some techniques you can carry out at home that can help increase the girth of your penis and possibly add a little extra to the length including jelqing and penis pumps.

Jelqing is the name of a special combination of massage techniques for the penis. It has been shown to improve the size of your erection. It involves massaging your penis in a number of ways that stretch it and improve blood flow. The technique has been used since ancient times but should be used with caution. Over massage can tear tissues or lead to your penis curving.

Penis pumps work by creating a vacuum around your penis. This forces your blood to engorge your penis making it appear thicker and longer. The effects are temporary but can be useful for men who are experiencing trouble achieving an erection.

So… Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Yes, but only to you. If it matters that much to your partner, then you may be in a wrong or unhealthy relationship. Aside from some relatively painful surgeries, there is not really a great deal you can do about the size of your penis.

It’s more important to learn to use what you have got. Don’t let the stress of worrying about your penis size affect the wonderful experience that is sex.

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